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Antilop high chair footrest

Transform the popular IKEA Antilop high chair into a comfortable, ergonomic seat for your baby thanks to the VaatCraft footrest!


It is important for the child to be able to rest his/her feet during meal time. This ensures that the child can focus on eating instead of being distracted and struggling to find a balance point.


The VaatCraft footrest is made from strong plywood and is finished in white to match the Antilop high chair. The footrest comes with two o-ring rubber seals to ensure that it stays in its place, once installed.


We are also providing the opportunity to engrave the name of your child into the footrest, to personalize it. Once the child has grown out of the Antilop high chair, then this footrest can be used as a name tag for a wall or door.


Free transportation to Finland for orders over 30€!


Installing the footrest:


  • Remove the front legs of the Antilop high chair.

  • Roll the o-ring rubber seals onto the legs from the top and adjust them to the height you want the footrest to be at.

  • Slide the footrest onto the legs so that it can rest on the o-ring rubber seals.

  • Re-install the front legs of the Antilop high chair and adjust the height of the footrest if necessary.

  • The position of the footrest can be adjusted depending on the height of the child.

Antilop high chair footrest

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