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Dino is a 3-in-1 Montessori learning tower, desk and play swing. Let your child express their curiosity fully and help them discover new skills and abilities.


Children are curious by nature and they want to see how you are preparing and cooking food, setting the table and even doing dishes. In learning tower mode, Dino allows the child to safely participate in countertop activities and even learn how to help out. Dino allows the child to decide for themselves as it is possible for the child to climb onto and down from Dino - after some climbing practice of course. Younger children can be lifted into and out of the learning tower with the help of a parent or caretaker.


Once the countertops are no longer interesting, then Dino can easily be converted into a sitting desk. This is a safe place for all kinds of activities, such as drawing, playing and even eating. As always, Dino allows the child to come and go, so that they feel empowered to pursue the activities that they want. The long curves on Dino's back make for stable grab handles for the child to safely climb in and out.


As an extra treat, Dino can also be converted into a swing for more play and more fun. The seating position and shape of Dino has been carefully designed to ensure that the child feels comfortable and also that the swinging motion cannot get too vigorous or dangerous. The child can decide to swing for themselves, and of course the parent can get in on the action and help the child swing even harder. The swing can also be a makeshift boat, car or play bed - the only limit is your imagination.


It is strongly advised that all activities are done under the careful supervision of a parent or caretaker at all times.



Switching Dino between the three different modes (learning tower, desk and swing) has to be conducted by an adult; parent or caretaker. 


Dino is designed and manufactured in Estonia from SFC certified birch plywood.


Free shipping within Estonia!


  • Dimensions

    90 x 35 x 41 cm (H x W x D)

    platform height: 45cm





    Suggested age

    18 months +

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