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Tihane is an elegant bird feeder to help your local wildlife get through those tough times, when winter hits hard.


This sleek accesory fits in perfectly next to any modern house and can also be installed on apartment balconies to bring more nature to you and your family. This is especially relevant for families with small children, who love seeing all the different wild birds coming around to feed.


What you choose to feed the birds is up to you. You can put any grains, nuts or other suitable bird feed into the bird feeder. The design on the bird feeder aims to ensure that bigger scavanger birds cannot come to ransack the bird feeder. 


Assembly of Tihane is so simple that even a toddler can do it. It requires no tools or fasteners.

The base plate can easily be removed for cleaning with soapy water.


Tihane is made from FSC certified birch plywood, which has a black waterproof film on top of it for durability.

This is an Estonian design product, manufactured locally.


Free shipping to Estonia and Finland!


€37.65 Regular Price
€32.00Sale Price
  • Weight: 0,5kg

    Dimensions: 19x19x25cm (WxHxD)



    Tihane ships without any bird feed in the package.

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