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Radiotehnika S90


The Radiotehnika S90 is an infamous loudspeakers made in the USSR, nowadays Latvia. 

The S90s are famed for having one of the best magnets of the time used in their speaker elements. These give them an accurate and rich soundscape. But, as with a lot of vintage technology; their aesthetic appeal has faded over the years and they are hard-pressed to look good in any modern setting. This is why I decided to take this excellent vintage technology and bring its aesthetic into the modern age. 


The result are the Radiotehnika S90 reimagined by VaatCraft design.

The internal design of the speakers are kept original, while the outside has been given a fresh new layer of natural oak plywood. This has ensured that they sound just as good as when they left the factory, but look 40 years younger. 

Technical specifications:

3-way floor speakers with bass reflex

Frequency Response Range: 25 - 25000 Hz

Sensitivity: 85 dB

Resistance: 4 Ohms

Power: 90 W

Weight: 23 kg

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